Do you love tennis? Are you a fan of this beautiful game? If you are, you will unquestionably like our site as we have picked up the best free tennis games on the web for players of all talent levels.

Tennis is an enjoyable game – particularly when you don’t have to work up a sweat while playing! The best thing is that you can enjoy our online tennis video games for absolutely free whenever you want!

In case you’re a fanatic of stick-figure games, you’re going to rock on Stick Figure Badminton. Others will love classic tennis game. The graphics are basic; however, this is a part of a masterpiece game. Or maybe you up for a challenge in Tennis Legends 2016? Could you win more than one match consecutively?

Winning these sports games may look easy at the beginning. However, we can assure that it’s entirely testing challenges.

Turn into an unbeatable champion player and enjoy online tennis games on! Challenge your rivals to an incredibly energizing session of matches!

Whether you desire to play one single match or an entire tennis tournament, you’re going to adore it. After a couple of practice games and after having the controls examined, you must employ every one of the abilities you need to continue winning matches.

It doesn’t matter whichever game you choose to play; we believe you’re going to have a lovely time. Be the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer with these sports games.



 1. Tennis Legends 2016

tennis-legends-2016-1 tennis-legends-2016-2

You can play with Serena too if you wish! With different power-ups and traps available for you and your opponent, a true dimension of competitiveness in this game exists that is not matched by any other!

 2. Stick Tennis

stick-tennis-2 stick-tennis-1

Speed and fluidity, combined with the realms of reality. With a few clicks, you can start, but you won’t conquer the fields so easily. This game ‘s hard to master and requires tactical prowess!

 3. Tennis Game

tennis-game-3 tennis-game-2

The most classic tennis game ever found. Smack some balls all the way up to the rank of champion. Do you have what it takes to win?

 4. Flash Tennis

flash-tennis-1 flash-tennis-2

A Retro-Pixel graphics for the fans. From a selection of 8 different players and 4 different grand stages, you can enjoy this game with your best friend in the 2-player mode!

 5. Gamezastar Open Tennis

gamezastar-open-tennis-2 gamezastar-open-tennis-1

A 4-stage tournament where you can fight against the best of the best.

 6. Smash Party Tennis

smash-party-tennis-1 smash-party-tennis-3

Prove yourself and get to the finals with this smashing game!

 7. Twisted Tennis

twisted-tennis-2  twisted-tennis-3

Outpower your opponents with a smash hit that gets you the ace! What more of a challenge could you look for when trying to ace your opponent in a twisted court?

 8. Grandslam Tennis

grandslam-tennis-3 grandslam-tennis-2

The trophy is yours, once you show that you’re the master of masters!

 9. Yahoo Tennis

yahoo-tennis-1 yahoo-tennis-2

Pure tennis on a screen for you! Control your players with a back tail view in this awesome action packed game.

10. Sports Heads Tennis

sports-heads-tennis-1 sports-heads-tennis-2

Your whack a mole tennis! Can you beat all ten stages and win the trophy?

 11. Euro Tennis Ball 2012

euro-tennis-ball-2012-1 euro-tennis-ball-2012-2

Become the new champion. Win all playoffs and leagues, with the all-new background of this game!

 12. Stick Figure Badminton

stick-figure-badminton-1-1 stick-figure-badminton-1-2

Simple controls and stick figures. They sure do look fun. You can play a two-player mode with your friend too!

 13. Stick Figure Badminton 2

stick-figure-badminton-2-1 stick-figure-badminton-2-2

Have some badminton action with a variety of characters to choose from!

 14. Tennis Champions

tennis-champions-1 tennis-champions-2

The real-life aspects of TV tennis is now in an outstanding action-packed game. Give it your best and face the worst case scenarios. Do you think you have the skills to be the new champion?

 15. World Tennis

World Tennis-2  world-tennis-2

This is the most realistic tennis game you’ll ever come across. You’ll see the intensity yourself when you face up to the challenges offered here! Face harder and harder opponents and prove yourself to be the best around!



Typically, all you need to play these games is flash player installed and mouse and keyboard on your PC. Most of the free tennis games include adjusting power and time on the serve while managing movement on the backhand and forehand. You have to use the mouse to control the swing of your racket and attempt to end up the top-ranked tennis player on earth.

Make the most of our free tennis games collection which we have handpicked for you! Do you have it all what it takes to win these matches and become a champion?

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